Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Box Elder Peak - Feel the Pain

Ran up Box Elder Peak (11,111 ft) with vert gain of 5,600 ft or so in 4.5 miles.  My route started in Alpine at Dry Creek TH, taking the little traveled Phelps Canyon Trail.  Finishing time was just off my personal best, with 2:22 up and 1:00 down, 5 min rest at top - but haven't really kept close track the other times.  I definitely found out that my climbing legs are out of shape.
Link to my other posts on this mountain with photos and map and profile.

Oh and by the way the AF Canyon trails are mostly all open, dry and clear, even with the Alpine Loop Road still closed.  Pine Hollow, Mutual Dell, and Tibble Fork THs are the access points to the main trail system. Snow is melting fast above 8500 ft.

-happy running-

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  1. Surprised you only took a five minute break at the top if that is what it looked like. Beautiful!